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Using sounds from Penumbra - Astor - 08-03-2010

Sorry but I don't know where to post this Blush

I tried some time ago the tools for Penumbra, because I couldn't wait for Amnesia, but I didn't understand anything Huh

So I looked for a workaround how to make my own story. I thought that I could use the sandbox editor from Far Cry. I build some levels, they are also scary bot not like that I wanted. Then I got a idea that I could use the sounds from Penumbra.

So my question is would be people allowed to use sounds/music from it??

Here is a short intro video from my friend playing the preview on my PC:

btw, I won't upload the maps, if I am not allowed to use the sounds.

RE: Using sounds from Penumbra - Gunslingerjh - 08-06-2010

Checked out your video! It's a really good start!

RE: Using sounds from Penumbra - Astor - 08-06-2010

I actually found some help for the mod. Btw that's only a demo. It will be not included into the real story that would just kill the presents and surprises hehehe...

RE: Using sounds from Penumbra - spukrian - 08-07-2010

The video is cool, good job!

But I´m not sure about using the audio from Penumbra...

THen again, I guess the guys in charge would say something.

RE: Using sounds from Penumbra - SHODANFreeman - 08-07-2010

I would guess that they wouldn't be okay with it, but you can always PM Thomas and ask him. Smile

PS: Can you possibly change your signature to not include a gigantic image?

RE: Using sounds from Penumbra - Sexbad - 08-08-2010

I don't think there would be a big problem with using assets. A game mod is different than a video, but this sexy piece used a lot of Penumbra assets and the devs liked it!: