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Save Files - GamesStealth - 01-17-2016

Can anyone send me the save files right before entering Theta (in front of gate) and after entering Theta (after gate sequence) when Simon says ''Anyone there ?'' My game crashes right before reaching Theta when Catherine says ''We've got slight detour around Delta but we are back on track''.
Thanks in advance!

RE: Save Files - dscharrer - 01-18-2016

Here are the closest ones I have:

RE: Save Files - GamesStealth - 01-18-2016

Thanks! But it crashes anyways. Must be fault of my computer

RE: Save Files - Mudbill - 01-18-2016

If you crash at a certain event, it's more likely to be something wrong with the installation, not the save. Try verifying the game cache if you have it on Steam. If not, you could try reinstalling it.