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RE: Dammit! (in a good way) - NeatNit - 08-29-2010


RE: Dammit! (in a good way) - KavazovAngel - 08-30-2010

(08-29-2010, 07:44 PM)NeatNit Wrote: PlayClaw?

"Be it OpenGL, DirectX 8,9,10 or 11, if your machine can run the game well you can now capture it all with virtually no hit to the frame-rate or action, even at full resolution video! You can also adjust the size for making smaller files. PlayClaw is good game video recording alternative."

Really? Or is it just false advertising?

RE: Dammit! (in a good way) - Yuhaney - 08-30-2010

I believe it's just advertising.

But there's trial / demo of the program, right?
Try that to see if it really is as good as they advertise.
...but don't wait too much from it. Wink Tongue

RE: Dammit! (in a good way) - mtomato - 08-31-2010

I compared PlayClaw with FRAPS by using them both on Starcraft II with Ultra settings.

Playclaw has a bit more options to choose from.

With Compression set to low and the number of Processor cores set to 2 I actually managed to get better quality videos than FRAPS with both suffering only as much drop to fps in-game. The only thing worse was that the video file sizes are a bit bigger, if you don't count PlayClaw crashing the game when alt+tabbing or quitting the game.

With any other settings the video quality would always be lower than the videos recorded with FRAPS.

I guess which one is better depends on the system.

I'd say it is worth trying it.

RE: Dammit! (in a good way) - KavazovAngel - 08-31-2010

^ Okay, thanks. I'll check it out.

Although, I can easily record videos of Penumbra with Fraps (running at 60fps), if I turn off Motion Blur, Depth of Field, AA and AF, and lower the resolution to 720p (since 1400*900 is not a native HD resolution anyway).