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Penumbra takes the cake? - Spooder Wekd - 08-29-2010

In my opinion, Penumbra is the best series in gaming history. I've been gaming since the days of Half Life and beyond and never really played anything as arrestingly scary, and genuinely enjoyable as Penumbra. Does anyone else feel this way?
Also, I believe the games are best played on the hardest difficulty setting, because it is way more scary when you can die after only a bite or two/a few hits from infected!

RE: Penumbra takes the cake? - Setlec - 08-29-2010

for my first scary game was wolfenstein (the first) then Doom (in both case i was about 10) then Penumbra came!!! the gameplay of penumbra is just great!

RE: Penumbra takes the cake? - eliasfrost - 08-29-2010

I can't say that Penumbra is the best game ever made, there are a lot of games that I have enjoyed tons more than Penumbra.

RE: Penumbra takes the cake? - nofsky - 08-29-2010

They're great games, but they have too many flaws to be the best games ever. Even the developers have said they don't like them very much.

Amnesia, however... GOTYEY Tongue

RE: Penumbra takes the cake? - KavazovAngel - 08-29-2010

Well, I don't think they are the best games ever made, either. No disrespect or anything here, but I cannot think of a best game.

I love Syberia, Still Life, Penumbra, Warcraft, Starcraft, Diablo, Mafia, Half-Life... I don't think I can pick one game/series.

Penumbra is the best horror game serial I've ever played, though.

RE: Penumbra takes the cake? - Spooder Wekd - 08-29-2010

Yea, I totally agree with th flaws. But for some reason, I cannot think of any time I was more entertained by a video game. And that is really the point of games. To be entertained...

RE: Penumbra takes the cake? - Sexbad - 08-29-2010

It's definitely flawed in some respects, but it's definitely great. Penumbra is my second-favorite of all time, my most favorite being Cryostasis.

RE: Penumbra takes the cake? - Spooder Wekd - 08-29-2010

Yea, I heard Cryostasis was excellent. Problem is that my computer isn't a gaming PC by any stretch of the imagination. So I game on consoles mostly. However, I have been loving the low system requirements of Penumbra!

RE: Penumbra takes the cake? - Sexbad - 08-29-2010

You need a computer the size of a Russian nuclear icebreaker to run Cryostasis properly, so don't try it yet.

RE: Penumbra takes the cake? - mtomato - 08-29-2010

The first horror game I played was the first Alone in the Dark, which in my opinion is still the scariest game I have ever played (after Penumbra of course).
The worst thing about it is the fact that the scariest thing in the game is thrown on the player's face right at the beginning.
Spoiler below!
[Image: scaryfaceg.jpg]
The rest of the game wasn't so scary.