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Would an Amnesia "Alternate Playthrough" interest anybody? - Daktoa - 01-28-2016

What I mean by that is would it be worth working on to attempt to take all the original maps and gameplay from Amnesia TDD and rearrange them for new scares and new puzzles, but using the same location and atmosphere. Things like players going into the water monster room and expecting to stand on boxes, only to find a grunt patrolling the water. Or having some of the "jumpscare" monsters stay and patrol the area instead of leaving.

I think it could be interesting to experiment with the player's expectations from the original game versus what the new playthrough would hold for them. However I do wonder if Frictional Games would be upset by this since it would be taking their already made maps and changing them.

I have no plans for doing anything like this soon, it's just an idea that I'm having fun playing around with and wondering if people would be interested in this concept.

RE: Would an Amnesia "Alternate Playthrough" interest anybody? - Darkfire - 01-28-2016

1. This would be a mod, so they propably wouldn't be upset. You'd have to warn the player that this mod will override original game files.
2. I think "Amnesia - Hard Mode / Hard Difficulty Mod" would interest more players and would be clearer.
3. Interesting idea, but when it comes to original story I'd love to see a mod which presents how Daniel got out of Orb Chamber to the surface. So most of original maps, but in an opposite direction. And with new puzzles, and perhaps some collapsed areas.

RE: Would an Amnesia "Alternate Playthrough" interest anybody? - Koopa Rs07 - 01-28-2016

I would love to play Amnesia again with different gameplay. It would be nostalgia in a way that I felt I was playing for the first time again and wouldn't know where the scares were.

RE: Would an Amnesia "Alternate Playthrough" interest anybody? - GoreGrinder99 - 01-28-2016

A post Orb Chamber story would definitely be very creative in my opinion, all sorts of room for new features and ideas. I would personally call it Hypermnesia - The Luminous Ascension, it has a nice ring to it. Tongue