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Stuck in Labo (Spoiler) - PainlessDocM - 09-08-2010


I have all the ingredients to create the potion except for the container, where can I find this container?
The stairs have collided so it must be down 'here' somewhere...

Thanks in advance.Smile

RE: Stuck in Labo (Spoiler) - NGW - 09-08-2010

The stairs being gone doesn't mean what you are looking for has to be down there (though it is, in fact the container for them is in the same area that you mix them). I had to go and find one of the chemicals back in the wine cellar after the stairs had already collapsed.

RE: Stuck in Labo (Spoiler) - PainlessDocM - 09-09-2010

Yes I had the container, just didn't use it properly the first time. Thanks anyway Smile