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Plane textures missing? - Raivish - 02-22-2016

So my level editor doesn't see floor textures. I tried reinstalling Amnesia deleting user files as well, tried different sources of HPL tools, but still, level editor doesn't show textures. Everything is in place, .mat files are where they should be... Any ideas?

Spoiler below!
[Image: 56cb34eea22a9rdrfvsj1456157934.png]
[Image: 56cb34eea22a9lxonspv1456157934.png]
[Image: 56cb34eea22a9qreicxm1456157934.png]

Also tried changing places where .mat files are, tried saving them with different names through material editor, still no result. Like the level editor doesn't want to see them...
Problem sorted out itself... Now everything works, weird...