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RE: Most disturbing areas/moments - WindexGlow - 09-14-2010

The siderooms in the morgue -- that buzzing sound..!

RE: Most disturbing areas/moments - Time - 09-14-2010

Spoiler below!
I have to say the Choir area and the torture chambers; even those that aren't in the Choir room. There weren't any enemies, but by the beak of Ra they were freaky. Lighting the fire beneath the Bull scared the human kabobs out of me, even though I was kinda expecting it. Didn't help that you can't open the bull after that.

That one note that detailed how to torture people was particularly disturbing.

Oh, hearing a monster, believing it to be in front of you, then turning around and running straight at it is scary as hell.

And what is this Grunt/Brute creature everyone is talking about? I only ever saw those deformed zombie things, and I've "beaten" (more like survived) the entire game. Are those the grunts, or are there two visible foes...?

RE: Most disturbing areas/moments - Soon - 09-14-2010

Tortue Chambers were the most disturbing.

The sound of that giant saw getting louder and louder the closer you got to the room...... ugh!

Then even worse... the brass bull... I remember thinking, what is that? Then I did the little event and it told me how it works. Then I had the dumbest thought ever to light the fire under it... the screams which ensued scared the shit out of me!

Then there was the Iron Maiden... after the brass bull I just kept my distance from that thing lol!

RE: Most disturbing areas/moments - fruitsaladninja - 09-14-2010

Ah yes the iron maiden. scared me shitless!
I also tried to stand inside it afterwards (stupid!) im not sure if i remember correctly cause i was so nerved but i think the maiden shut close BAM! when i was inside it! argh!

and also that grunt sword freak in the sewer, was blocking the only way out. i sneaked up and realized there is no way to get past him without getting noticed. now, i didnt know those guys were fast as hell so I thought i was being smart. I jumped in the water, to draw his attention, it worked.
fast! i circled back the other way around and went past the place he stood.
"haha im smarter and faster" i thought. and did feel rather safe as i continued. didnt take long though until that freak got to me and cleaved my skull!

It freaked me out dude! i didnt know they were so fast!

RE: Most disturbing areas/moments - Gare - 09-14-2010

Most disturbing:

Spoiler below!
Probably the torture chambers near the end, especially with all the flashbacks about the people begging for their lives. The one that disturbed me the most was the one where the guy was hung upside down and slowly cut in half with a saw. The terrible sounds you hear while walking down the corridor leading to the room really disturbed me, especially since I was playing after midnight.

Places where I felt really uneasy/uncomfortable:

Spoiler below!
First, the storage. Then the dungeons. Dark, poorly lit corridors with disturbing sounds and potential monster encounters? Oh God. Smile

RE: Most disturbing areas/moments - Joseph Curwen - 09-14-2010

It's not really disturbing, but in the study where you open the drawer's door and the
Spoiler below!
human skulls and bones
are rolling out. I was not expecting this at all, even though I thought that Alexander would be a mass murderer.