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[Spoilers] Amnesia Plot - jthornbury - 09-09-2010

I've beaten the game, got all three endings and managed to open supersecret.rar, but I still have some questions:

Spoiler below!
I never found the diary page explaining what happened to Daniel in the tomb when he first found the orb. What happened?

What was Alexander? He's been alive for centuries, apparently, and at the end he talks about returning home.

There's some sort of sub-plot about Alexander having a wife or girlfriend or something? What were the details?

What exactly were the orbs?

What was the Darkness, and how did it relate to the orbs?

How did Agrippa's student manage to acquire so many orbs without being destroyed by the Darkness?

It would be greatly appreciated if one of the developers would take the time to write out the background plot of the game in detail (i.e. the ideas underlying it and the events that happened before the game). I realise that you've probably given enough details to piece it together from multiple playthroughs (i.e. hunting down all the letters and notes), but frankly I don't have the time to go through the game again from the start. Smile

RE: [Spoilers] Amnesia Plot - RMJ - 09-09-2010

Yeah, it would be nice with a bit more explanation, Not sure if i missed some pages either. But yeah many unanswered questions, who nope, one can hope they wont have to make a new engine for another game, and maybe give us sequel of sorts Smile

RE: [Spoilers] Amnesia Plot - perpetualmind - 09-09-2010

I think alot of the things are intended to be open to interpretation.

At points Daniel talks about being bathed in blue light whilst he was in the tomb, the power of the orb.
Maybe this is what happens when the orb connects itsself to a person?

The dakness was some kind of creature that protects the orbs.
At one point it talks about a beast that howls (and i seem to remember it mentioning wings).
To me that seems like a bit of a referance to Lovecraft's "The Hound".
Other than that we can assume that the darkness is some form of otherworldly being that alters the environment around it.
Its clear that the orbs act as keys to another world, and so whatever is protecting them could be in that other world or inbetween, hence the sense that the darkness is more of a state than a living being.

I was curious about the thing with Alexander myself...
I think the reason he is trying to go through to the other world is to be re-united with a woman, as a few times his notes seem to be referring to being with her soon and such.
As for what he is, maybe that is something related to the orbs?
Or maybe in his reaserch he has discovered a way to extend life?

I really enjoyed the story in Amnesia, and in a way i like that there are so many things left for us to think about.

RE: [Spoilers] Amnesia Plot - kastanok - 09-09-2010

I gather Alexander extended his life by extracting the 'vitae' from living creatures, in a process which required invoking absolute terror in his victims. In the private chamber above the Transcept (or was it in the study with the stuffed animals?) there is a note in which Alexander discusses the suitability of humans for this purpose as they are capable of truly anticipating the coming experience.

That 'going home' phrase got my attention too. Perhaps, while being born on this plane, on Earth, he now considers himself to be beyond human and that he, or his soul, his essence, is 'returning' to his rightful home.

The darkness, as you call it, is the Guardian of the Orb. One of the loading screens I think mentions that Daniel theorises the Guardian is the universe acting to restore the orb to its rightful place. Why is it there, what does it do? Who knows.

Just some theories.

RE: [Spoilers] Amnesia Plot - jthornbury - 09-11-2010

Bumping this for developer input.

RE: [Spoilers] Amnesia Plot - ploppytheman - 09-11-2010

Alexander was Pegasus from Yugioh. Yes I just drew that reference.

RE: [Spoilers] Amnesia Plot - jthornbury - 09-13-2010

Bumping again. Devs?

RE: [Spoilers] Amnesia Plot - thePyro13 - 09-13-2010

I never read anything that said Alex had to come from our world. He was banished from the other world, and has been trying to get back.

Those memory capsules mention his love, which he wishes to be reunited with(this could be referring to a woman, or just simply his true home).

He was defiantly extending his life somehow. One of the flashbacks or notes details how he does the same to Agrippa.

I'm running under the suspicion that the darkness isn't an entity of itself but really a personification of the person who activated the orb. Agrippa's student was said to be a great man, and he remains on the other side. I assume this is because he is capable of wielding the orbs properly.

RE: [Spoilers] Amnesia Plot - Thefinaleofseem - 09-13-2010

It was implied that Alexander may actually be Orpheus. It's a bit of a stretch, but it might fit. Hades has likely barred him from entry to the afterlife, so when he physically dies, he'll be in limbo for eternity, perhaps with Charon giving him the finger at the river Styx. That explains his lost love, his wife, whom he failed the first time around. So instead of dying physically, perhaps he feels that he can "cheat" and delve directly into the realm of the dead with the power of an orb.

RE: [Spoilers] Amnesia Plot - jthornbury - 09-17-2010

Bumping yet again. Devs?