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Important Question to the Developers - Krakow57 - 03-09-2016

Let me first thank you and congratulate you on the phenomenal games ! Love them.
The Amnesia and Penumbra games are totally awesome !

My question is for Frictional games and for Counter Games ( penumbra necrologue).
I finished Black Plague, started it after I got stuck in Overture with a worm/acid timed puzzle. No matter what I did, I could not outrun the enemy. Got sick of repeating that segment over and over.

Also, in Necrologue, the Box Throwing Puzzle, again a timed puzzle, I gave up after 30 tries.

So, my point is : is there a way to get a patch that offers more time to complete the puzzle, or to make an easier version of the puzzle.

I am older, but love my games. I also know of many senior people who love playing games, but have bit of arthritis in their fingers, so they can't be so quick.

Please don't forget the older generation. Perhaps give us a choice of difficulty and/or ability to add more time to the hard, timed puzzles.

Thank you for any replies. Smile

RE: Important Question to the Developers - Krakow57 - 03-11-2016

Oh well ......
Will keep talk, talk, talking to myself then ....... Huh

RE: Important Question to the Developers - Romulator - 03-11-2016

Frictional Games didn't make Penumbra: Necrologue. You're wise to contact the developers of that mod directly, whether they visit the forums regularly or not. I did not play Necrologue, but there may be a direct way to contact via their Steam page.

The FG staff haven't been around lately, likely taking a break due to SOMA's sales and such.

RE: Important Question to the Developers - Krakow57 - 03-14-2016

Thank you. Yes, the dev is Counter Current Games. I think that Frictional Games worked together with Counter Current Games.
Penumbra Necrologue is fantastic, very high standard, great story and graphics.
I just need to get over this huge hump with the Box Throwing Puzzle.
I will contact the Counter Current Games.
Thank you for your help Smile

They, the Counter Current devs, also created Twilight of the Archaic, another fantastic episode in the Penumbra series.
Started playing this one, since I got stuck in the Necrologue