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RE: Your scariest moment? *Spoilers* - TehSpeedyHomer - 09-14-2010

The Choir Hall, cause there you can get lost easily, its foggy and monsters can appear out of nowhere.

RE: Your scariest moment? *Spoilers* - harlequ1n - 09-30-2010

Just finished the game and boy! Several times I was scared beyond bearable but I'll always remember the 1st encounter with the invisible water monster and the corridor where the red shadow chases you relentlessly and you have to run for your life.

RE: Your scariest moment? *Spoilers* - Blackhand - 10-01-2010

I was very tense most of the game, but what happened that really made me rush to the toilet:

Spoiler below!

In the dungeon, very close to the beginning there is a staircase with an enemy grunt at the top and to the left of that a corridor and at the end a door that gets slammed by what sounds like a brute. I went up the staircase first, lamp on and clumsily almost bumping into the grunt. I went into panic mode, mouse clenched tightly I ran straight back down the stairs and took a right down the corridor and straight to that door. When that door got slammed I damn near fell backwards off my seat, obviously I got slashed apart by the grunt. I was pretty much in shock, I couldn't play any further that night.

RE: Your scariest moment? *Spoilers* - Black Rabbit - 10-03-2010

my worse moment was in the dungeon in the cell with the mind went numb at that point and I thought I had a breakdown xD

RE: Your scariest moment? *Spoilers* - VirtualAlex - 10-05-2010

You went IN the iron maiden? and it ... shuts and kills you? Oh my god I need to try that. But yeah the Iron Maiden SHOOTING open when I was already as tense as could be (it was my first torture room.)

The water monster encounter was really scary for me. When I first was even in water I was scared as hell then I heard him splashing toward me I tried to run into a room...

Also the saw-down-the-groin torture room hallway... Where you hear the sawing and screaming and it gets louder and louder as you get closer. That really freaked me out.

RE: Your scariest moment? *Spoilers* - bugmenot - 10-09-2010

I thought the iron maiden was suspicious so it suddenly opening wasn't too much of a surprise... It suddenly closing again when you go in was more unexpected though, hehe. It doesn't kill you though, just hurt you, and you can close the doors fully and hide in there.

I hadn't really noticed there was two types of monsters. Do they just look different or do they behave differently too?

My scariest moment has to be... I don't remember where it was now.. Somewhere around the middle of the game. I had closed a door in front of a monster, and while it was trying to bash through, I was walking backwards away from it, keeping the door in view. I thought I was safe while he was bashing the door... Until I walked right past another monster. That made me jump Wink

RE: Your scariest moment? *Spoilers* - martinstatic - 10-09-2010

Hard to explain this one but it's a kind of hidden scare in the game (no, it's not the portrait thing)...

Early on, you know the area where you have to pull the 3 books out of the shelves to open a secret door? Well just as you enter that area a load of rubble falls in and blocks the path behind you right?

Well if you continue and then go all the way around and go back to the entrance of this area (the other side of the rubble) and are facing the rubble the screen shakes and you hear a loud growl. Turn around and there he is, a monster standing right there about to grab you before he dissolves into nothingness.

This particularly scared me because I read a guide and it turned out the next area for me to go was downstairs, so I started running around all cocky, "Nothing scary is gonna happen cos I've cleared this area"...then that happened.

RE: Your scariest moment? *Spoilers* - Battlefrank2 - 10-10-2010

Any time I get attacked counts, since I curl up into a ball and cover my eyes whenever they get too close.

RE: Your scariest moment? *Spoilers* - Miel - 10-11-2010

My first big scare was the storage, after grabbing the two rods and hearing a monster get angry. My normal video game reaction was 'RUN OUT OF THE LEVEL REALLY FAST' so I burst out of the room, turned the corner... and realised I was running straight towards the monster. I managed to turn myself around and hide in room where the rods were until the monster left, but that experience left me jittery all day.

Then in the guest room, after opening the closet, I nearly had a heart attack when I heard that monster coming. I was thinking 'Small, well lit area. Must be safe.' Silly me, I should have assumed the developers knew what people would think about that area.

RE: Your scariest moment? *Spoilers* - hollowleviathan - 10-11-2010

(10-11-2010, 08:08 AM)Miel Wrote: I was thinking 'Small, well lit area. Must be safe.' Silly me, I should have assumed the developers knew what people would think about that area.

Yeah, Frictional is playing plenty of mindgames. Ever since the gameplay trailer, anytime I saw a wardrobe I got incredibly nervous. Basically anytime I entered a room I scouted it for hiding places and any obvious ones made me expect the worst.

Which played against me in the morgue. I scouted the area, noticed the doors, neglected them because I wasn't done with the room, and wasn't particularly worried about intrusion because there was nowhere to go...if I forget about the doors. So a beastie comes knocking, I'm panicking quite nicely, but manage to scramble for the bodypit before being found.