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RE: Your scariest moment? *Spoilers* - RawkBandMan - 01-11-2011

For Me, the scariest moment was
Spoiler below!
1. that damned storage. I was playing this thing Mid-day, I went into the storage, not knowing what to expect went to that one room, grabbed the drill part ran out right away, heard the monster, screamed, ran like hell to the part that had a cave-in, and died. 2. the Choir. All because of that Iron maiden.
Damn I hate talking about stuff like this D:

RE: Your scariest moment? *Spoilers* - kidwithhouse - 01-13-2011

more scared than all yall.

first in the wine cellar,
Spoiler below!
i was creeping around after watching the monster walk by the doorway, and i made it into a certain room (the long one that connects to the room with the gate on the floor you have to lift) and the walls started creeking and triggered a panic attack and immediately roaches started scattering all over my screen. i was so spooked by it that i actually tried to physically brush them off my screen.

for me, the whole prison level as a whole was the scariest.. i didnt even wanna finish the game once i got in this part. the choir room with the red, murky fog was nerve racking, but i wasnt as timid in the choir room.
Spoiler below!
after the elevator crashes and you wake up from the floor in the room with the lion statues, you move forward through the door and navigate down the hallway and find a hallway to the right, a hallway to the left, and a staircase straight ahead, i cautiously walked up the staircase and 3/4 the way up a monsterturns the corner to look my in the face! there was no grunt noise or anything preceding his appearence, either! i put out my lamp and ran away the way i had come, screaming like a child, and tried to hide in the darkness of the hallway too paralyzed to find a room, but the monster ran right up to me and striked me down...

i tried the level again and this time made it up the stairs no sighting but soon the monster appeared around a different corner and i ran, and i crouched in the hallway, and i died.

lastly.. one of the early levels, the one that your momento says "this darkness seems unnatural" or whatever..
Spoiler below!
there is the rubble where you actually have to place the explosive and detonate it to make a pathway, you go through after and you go on with the other scary stuff that happens here, on the way back up the few stairs away from the now cleared rubble, i turned left and a grunt came from behind the next corner as a beast emerged, calmly patrolling the pathway. freaked, i couldnt run far, so i ran down the few stairs and hid in the corner by the stair banister on top of the unlit candle (while the candle across from me was bright and glaring. the monster turned the corner and i watched him, freaking out from the bottom of the stairs thinking "i'm so dead.. he's gonna see me, i'm so dead.. i'm so close to him.." i watch him walk down the stairs still not noticing me and i remember that the hint says "if you look for too long you'll be discovered" so i stared at the ground while my guy was hyperventalating and the eggshells are crackling.

he patrols down the stairs and back up and turns the corner out of my view. i think "thank you JESUS that he didnt see me--" as he turns BACK around and decides that his first partol down the stairs wasnt even and strolls back down the stairs and back up and around the corner and away.
i ran back down the hallway i came from and stood next to a candle and save and quit for the night. my heart needed to rest if it was gunna pump for the next day.

RE: Your scariest moment? *Spoilers* - Xss - 01-13-2011

Spoiler below!

In the sewers, when a monster was guarding the exit door, at one point he saw me and started chasing me. I started running, going around the central "pillar" and arrived the exit corridor: I looked behind me, no monster, he was too slow, so I assumed I lost him. I went through the door all happy and laughing when the scary music started again. I thought there was something behind the door so I slowly walked away only to see the monster rushing behind me.
"screamed, rushed for the door, and then died". Big Grin

RE: Your scariest moment? *Spoilers* - salamoon - 02-07-2011

I had quite a few scary moments (especially when I was almost out of oil). But I think the two that stood out the most were:

Spoiler below!
I entered a room with two small rooms joined to it (can't remember where exactly) I had a little look through the first door but didn't see anything interesting, so I open the next door and there was a monster right in my face. Absolutely terrified me.


Spoiler below!
In the sewer with the brute, I heard it shout as I was opening a door so I assumed it was inside, I turned around and it was right behind me. I'm pretty sure the words "Nyaa! That's not fair!" were used.

RE: Your scariest moment? *Spoilers* - Sursion - 02-12-2011

Oh god. Where do I even begin.

Spoiler below!
Jump Scare: I'm ashamed to say the piano cover in the archives made me jump the most. It was the beginning of the game, I was tense, jumpy, and had no idea what to expect.

Psychological: The entire prison area. It was so dark, fear clouded my memory, so I was immediately lost. You heard brutes for the first time, moaning in the distance. My hands were actually shaking after that part.

Intense: The water chase. Running, trying to close the doors behind me, hearing the splashing getting closer and closer. My heart actually hurt after that part because it was beating so fast.

RE: Your scariest moment? *Spoilers* - LSunday - 02-13-2011

Spoiler below!
The Choir traumatized me, because of a sequence of events; First, I ran out of oil. So, I lit a torch (one of the torches that makes a monster come). It saw me, and I ran, found the torture room and ran inside, closing the doors behind me. I then backed up, keeping an eye on the door, and the Iron Maiden screamed at me. (I hadn't seen it before, cause i was watching the door)

That bit left me so unnerved I spent literally an hour in the choir, because i was just going in the same direction all around the wall, and never looked in any other direction.

Also, there was the part in the area before the water monster, that dark area- I had run out of tinderboxes/oil, and sat next to the table with the candle for ages, because I had seen the monster walk off in that one direction.

RE: Your scariest moment? *Spoilers* - eiahmon - 03-07-2011

I had a few really scary moments in the game. The first was

Spoiler below!
when the monsters spawn in storage after grabbing the two rods. I was able to get past the first one by sneaking behind it and then crouching down and going to the right in the room that had the half wall running down the middle. The second monster I just ran past and made it to the door to the Back Hall with it right behind me. I had to quit for a bit after that while I waited for my hands to stop shaking.

Thanks to an eye condition that caused my retinas to lose part of their ability to see light, the brightness of my game is set up somewhat high, though most of the time, I can't tell. Though there were a couple times, like

Spoiler below!
in the morgue, where I was cowering in the corner of the body pit from the brute, and I just felt so exposed, because the area seemed so brightly lit to me. I was just waiting for it to see me, but thankfully, it didn't.

Spoiler below!
The other big scare for me was in the kitchen. When the grunt started pounding at the door, I jumped over the table and hid in the corner beside the bookshelf to the left of the door. Just as he came through the door, I realiezed that my chosen hiding spot wasn't very dark, but it was too late to move somewhere else. So the grunt walked into the room, walked around for a bit, turned, and looked right at me! I was thinking "omgomgomg! I'm so dead!I'm so dead! I'm so dead!", but then he just walked out the door and vanished.

Spoiler below!
In the sewers, after exiting the control room for the water wheel, the brute spawned as I was leaving, and it quickly spotted me. I was so terrified that I spun the camera around too hard and ended up doing a 360 instead of a 180 turn, and I ran right into it and died.

RE: Your scariest moment? *Spoilers* - gandalf91 - 03-09-2011

#3: I had just finished injecting myself with the antidote from the body in the morgue. I get ready to walk out the door, get within three feet of it, and POW! the door is being smashed in suddenly. No monster groan warning me beforehand or anything...I hide for a good minute in one of the rooms full of dead bodies..luckily the one the monster does not choose to proceed to search..By the time I escaped back into the cistern entrance my sanity was "...".

#2: Walking into the room with the iron maiden, which already looks intimidating to begin with. As I get closer it flies open suddenly spraying blood everywhere. (By the way...I did not know until reading someone else's post that the damn thing can close on you....I kind of want to try that now. The thought alone is scary in itself.)

#1: I'd made it through the first prison section and was halfway through the second. I walked up into the kitchen. Upon looking back down the hallway I decided, it might be a good idea to close the door and block it off. So I did that. I spent 10 minutes or so looking around the kitchen. I did all there was to do there except retrieve the acid because I hadn't found the jar yet. So I remove my barricades and exit only to hear a growl from down the corridor. I pause for a couple seconds, see it turn the corner and frantically make a break back for the kitchen. The thing is within feet of me and I just manage to slam the door shut, but it begins pounding the door down frantically as I jump behind that wall near the fire. I must have gotten back there too late as it knew where I was, charged directly over to me and slashed me to death as I stood helplessly trapped in the corner. (P.S. when I respawned there was no door..and I had to use the kitchen as a hiding place a second time around...)

RE: Your scariest moment? *Spoilers* - Ayevee - 03-10-2011

I have to say the part that made me quit the game for two days was when

Spoiler below!
I saw the dead grunt, there's always a bigger fish.

And the

Spoiler below!
That dang brass bull.

Made me take a long break.

RE: Your scariest moment? *Spoilers* - Doctorcheese - 03-10-2011

My most scary parts were

Spoiler below!
In the storage when i had grabbed the rods, i waited for the monster to dissapear and i quietly sneaked (is that the right word?) out of the room, just as i took a little peek around the corner he was right there. Paralyzed by fear i just let him kill me

Prison, water part etc. like most people. But there was this one time when i had to make a really fast choice, was fun though.

Here it is

Spoiler below!
As i strolled around aimlessly in the red mist of the Choir i suddenly heard a Brute behind me. So he started chasing me and i eventually ran into the Iron Maiden room. I slammed the door shut behind me and tried to figure out a place to hide. Guess where i had to hide? Tongue

Those were my best/scariest moments in Amnesia