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Removing tooth-grinding sound - Dogface - 09-13-2010

Hi guys, hope this is the right section to post this in. I'm really enjoying the game and the insanity effects are a big part of that. There's one problem though: the crunchy tooth-grinding noise that starts up when you start to lose your sanity. It really, really gets to me - I guess I have a mild dental phobia - and it just makes it too unpleasant to continue as it makes me cringe too much. Kind of a nails-on-a-blackboard thing for me. Is there any way to disable or replace those specific sounds, without affecting the rest of the insanity effects?

Any help would be much appreciated.

RE: Removing tooth-grinding sound - Thomas - 09-13-2010

"sounds\ui" and all sounds "sanity_drain_*"

put in some happy sounds or removing em might work too Smile

RE: Removing tooth-grinding sound - Dogface - 09-13-2010

Wow, thanks for the quick, and very useful reply! Maybe I should replace them all with teletubby sounds or something.... Big Grin

Anyway, awesome game, and huge respect to everyone at Frictional. Thanks again!

RE: Removing tooth-grinding sound - Tanshaydar - 09-13-2010

A sesame street sound would be more frightening.

RE: Removing tooth-grinding sound - MonkEsquire - 09-13-2010

Yeah it always bugs me because it doesn't really sound like grinding teeth. It sounds like he's trying to chew a mouth full of egg shells. It's kind of annoying.

RE: Removing tooth-grinding sound - membrain - 09-13-2010

At least this is the only thing I don't like about Amnesia. The rest of the game is awesome.


RE: Removing tooth-grinding sound - Dogface - 09-15-2010

Just as a followup to this, what I did was find the sound files:

Quote:"sounds\ui" and all sounds "sanity_drain_*"

I ran them through Audacity, using a 'chain' (in File menu I think) to run: pitch reduced by about 90%, bass boosted, a bit of echo added, to all those files in one batch. Then saved them into the same location with the same file names. This make them sound more like rocks falling in the distance than somebody crushing some tinfoil in their hand.

Now I still get the sound to let me know when Daniel is being a Mr Grumpypants, but it doesn't make me want to put my hands over my ears. Yay!

I just went down the elevator. Scary game is scary. :O

RE: Removing tooth-grinding sound - Mina Darsh - 09-15-2010

I'd say just a quicker breathing sound would be most realistic, but I fear that would start to sound wrong when Daniel gets to deal with an encounter and starts to breath fast already, ending up with double breathing sounds. :|

RE: Removing tooth-grinding sound - Zanderat - 09-15-2010

Would you be willing to upload the modified file as Amnesia's first mod? Cool

RE: Removing tooth-grinding sound - Dogface - 09-15-2010

(09-15-2010, 01:42 PM)Zanderat Wrote: Would you be willing to upload the modified file as Amnesia's first mod? Cool

Heh, sure! I'll do that when I get home tonight.