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Crashing near Torture Rooms - Goliath - 09-14-2010

Ever since I reached this area around Agrippa, the game has crashed repeatedly after a short period (I manage 10 minutes, max) of play time. I tried reinstalling the game, but the problem persists. It happens in random areas with nothing apparent in common. I tried to sprint through the area in the hopes of avoiding it, but the crashes continue even in the next area (the chancel, I think). If there's any other info you need, let me know. Thanks!

RE: Crashing near Torture Rooms - Urkle - 09-14-2010

Can you provide a savegame near this area? it will be located in your home's Library/Application Support/Frictional Games/Amnesia/Main/[in game profile]/ folder.. Just zip up the latest save before that issue.

RE: Crashing near Torture Rooms - Goliath - 09-14-2010

Ok, I've attached my latest save game file (chancel) and the load where I first started noticing problems (nave).