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List of diary pieces? - kLy - 09-14-2010

Is there a list of diary pieces somewhere? I can't seem to find the 3rd piece in the prison area (the one that would be Brenenburg 3/3).

I'm guessing once you miss it you miss it and you don't get a chance later to get it again? Would be a shame to miss any of the backstory here.

Also guessing that whichever pages you get in that area you'll get in chronological order whichever way you pick the actual pieces up (so my 2/3 might be your 3/3). But it seems like once you missed one of the pages in an area the game moves on without it (eg I'm in cistern now and picking up pieces labelled Discovery even though I didn't complete the Brenenburg ones).

RE: List of diary pieces? - tacc - 09-15-2010

\amnesia the dark descent\lang\eng\voices\diaries\

You could call it a list.