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Amnesia: Krampus Returns - goodcap - 03-29-2016

[Image: X6rn6l5.jpg]

Amnesia: Krampus Returns

This is my first full conversion mod for Amnesia: The Dark Descent, and i'm really excited to be here to announce it. Do you want a mix of horror, christmas and fantasy? You're at the right place, my friend.

[Image: xrpBUR6.jpg]

[i]Christmas is around the corner. A time of gifts and love and family.
Everything has it's fair share of darkness. Have you been naughty or nice?

A mix of puzzles and exploration makes for an interesting combination.
Difficult puzzles are very immersion breaking. This game is for everyone.

Custom Content
-Custom planes
-Custom entities
-Custom NPC's
-Custom Monsters (never seen before)
-Custom Static Objects.

[Image: IbcsmUK.jpg]

Like I said, a mixture of Horror, Christmas and Fantasy. This game is not ONLY in a big mansion or dungeon. There's a large world to explore. Not everything makes sense!

Keep an eye on this thread because it will be updated weekly with up to date pictures of maps and other forms of gameplay.

[Image: u8l2g4d.jpg]

[Image: YSRPCSS.jpg]

RE: Amnesia: Krampus Returns - Karba - 03-29-2016

Watched a new movie about that guy a few days ago, i am definitely looking forward to this one! :3

RE: Amnesia: Krampus Returns - goodcap - 03-30-2016

[Image: vFCNu3H.jpg]