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Congrats ! - Nycticorax - 09-16-2010

Well, unfortunately it's not much of a debate but I just wanted to congratulate Frictional Games for the now three-year old Penumbra serie: I've recently bought it and must say it's one of the most original, careful and challenging games I've ever played. Even though most puzzles don't oppose much resistance the intense, gloomy situation ambiance cleverly makes it hard to get oneself to think. The physics is excellent (sometimes more convincing than Valve Portal's) and the scenario largely contributes to the overall success. Really, I haven't got such pleasure since Myst, Zork Nemesis and Quake I !

Thank you for making video games interesting again and best wishes for all your future projects !

See you around,


RE: Congrats ! - alex23 - 09-24-2010

thanks and greetings from me as well for making such great puzzling and intense game.i specially liked the overture game.

RE: Congrats ! - Spooder Wekd - 09-28-2010

I concur, Frictional Games are masters at the art of game creation. And in case you have been hiding in a ditch and haven't heard...GET AMNESIA!!!