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Problem with the Tools - Niklas - 09-18-2010

Hello, I'am new to the forum and i have a problem with the the Tools.

If i try to close it by pressingthe red cross it won't close, i can only close by using task manager. I'm not sure if it is because of this, but i have Amnesia the dark descent on steam.

Hope someone can answer my question

-Niklas Smile

RE: Problem with the Tools - jens - 09-18-2010

Try escape key on keyboard or maybe alt-f4

RE: Problem with the Tools - gosseyn - 09-18-2010

or just file menu > quit, that is how i do it. (but alt+f4 is the shortcut)

RE: Problem with the Tools - Deruu - 09-18-2010

Escape key usually does the trick, try clicking inside any of the viewports first if it's being troublesome.