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Penumbra book series? - Mr. X - 09-24-2010

Kay so im no biggie at writing long threads so ill just get to the point.

Wouldn't the Penumbra series make a GREAT book series if written properly?

What are your thoughts about it?

Also, im kinda training at writing stuff, is it illegal if i use Names/story from Penumbra without paying copyright and stuff?

Mr. X

RE: Penumbra book series? - graykin - 09-25-2010

Only if you really plan on selling it, it would be a problem. For fan-fiction or other amateur, no-money-involved productions, I would imagine you're safe from FG's legal wrath.

RE: Penumbra book series? - KavazovAngel - 09-25-2010

I think it depends on what the names/places/objects/whatever are registered for. If I remember correctly, Blizzard, for example, register the names/places/whatever they use for all kind of stuff (books, movies, games, music, everything) to protect themselves and their stuff.

If FG have registered their stuff for gaming purposes only, then you are clear to use them in movies / books, since they won't be related to the games in any way (from a legal point of view).

^ I'm not sure about this, but I think its how it goes. Anyway, its best to ask FG about permission and stuff.