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Hello - nayxand - 10-26-2010

Hi guys,

I searched for a thread where new members could present themselves, but wasn't able to find it, so let's go :

I'm 21, currently living in Switzerland, and i play PC and PS3. On PC, i play mostly Blizzard games, except the ones from WarCraft universe, which includes WoW. On PS3, i'm more of a BTA / AAA player, with God Of War Trilogy, Castlevania, Uncharted. I literally fell upon Frictional Games, and as I'm a big fan of horror, decided to try and it was a good decision, both Penumbra and Amnesia are great. Indie developers deserve a greater support, especially when they make really good games.

Outside gaming, i read a lot, King, Ellroy, Koontz, Barker, and some others authors that perhaps aren't known outside of Europe.

Musically i listen to Metal and Rock, and i love games' ost's, trying to search the ones from games i play

See you

RE: Hello - Yuhaney - 10-27-2010

Hi there, and welcome to the forums.

RE: Hello - Jack - 10-30-2010

Hello nayxand

RE: Hello - Mr. X - 10-30-2010


RE: Hello - Sexbad - 10-30-2010

get out of here stalker

RE: Hello - tonewww - 10-31-2010

Lee, be nice and Welcome to the fourms Smile

RE: Hello - hollowleviathan - 11-01-2010

Do you two have a history or are you skipping your pills again, Lee?

RE: Hello - Sexbad - 11-01-2010

I take it none of you have played S.T.A.L.K.E.R...

It was a spontaneous joke.

RE: Hello - hollowleviathan - 11-01-2010

An uncertain delivery, considering people would not have the thread title in mind when they read your reply. Maybe if you had capitalized/punctuacted S.T.A.L.K.E.R.

RE: Hello - TheLittleGarfield - 11-01-2010

Well I recognized that joke right away Tongue