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Thank you Frictional Games - Alenthas - 10-29-2010

Thank you for the great horror games you've created. And thank you for the opportunity for me to buy it. See, I dont have a credit card and I had to pirate the game, I was planning to buy it as soon as I get a credit card but god-knows-when. And I was feeling a guilt over it too, finally, with that mail you've sent me I learned that I can purchase the game via my cellphone too, I bought the game and downloading it again right now and I feel redeemed Big Grin

RE: Thank you Frictional Games - Deu sex - 10-29-2010

at least, you paid it.

can't stop thinking about the guy who leaked amnesia...

its a part of the risks you may encounter when you decide to create videogames i suppose...

whatever, i already have my funny thread to laught about it ^^

Big GrinBig GrinBig Grin

RE: Thank you Frictional Games - hollowleviathan - 10-30-2010

What do you mean, hacked Amnesia? The game doesn't come with any DRM, you don't need to hack it to pirate it, just have no morals or scruples.

RE: Thank you Frictional Games - Natural - 11-01-2010

I'll second that thanks. I stopped procrastinating and finally finished it since it's Halloween and all. What a game. Scariest I ever played.