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Try this... - Deu sex - 11-01-2010

amnesia is not so scary...

Big Grin

im jocking of course ^^

RE: Try this... - Kein - 11-01-2010

It's a flash game? I have flash disabled so I dunno.

RE: Try this... - hollowleviathan - 11-01-2010

It's a mix of 1/2 the flash vids where the screamy ghosts pops out when you don't expect it, only you're expecting it, and 1/2 pixel hunter adventure game, only there are no puzzles, you just click all the items until they do something.

Not very good...

RE: Try this... - Mr. X - 11-01-2010

Pretty good for a flash game, i would rate it 3 out of 5 though because all the clicking just felt out of place and the scares were kinda too cliche Tongue

RE: Try this... - CHANCEPHOENIX - 11-02-2010

cool , but it"s in black and white ...

RE: Try this... - hollowleviathan - 11-02-2010

Black, white and red, really.

RE: Try this... - Texhnolyzed - 11-03-2010

The game is beautiful, but awfully boring and not-entertaining... You just have to click on everything in every order. Too bad, the idea is very cool and it's really beautiful even if it's in black and white and red.

RE: Try this... - KavazovAngel - 11-03-2010

Amazing concept. Too bad it is made in flash. Simple prerendered graphics and a small price tag would have been spot on.

RE: Try this... - Googolplex - 11-06-2010

Frictional Games should make a horror game in an old house.

RE: Try this... - Smooth - 11-06-2010

(11-06-2010, 11:16 PM)Googolplex Wrote: Frictional Games should make a horror game in an old house.

Didn't they kinda do that already? Only difference is that it's a bigass house.