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Modding? (TES4 spoiled me...) - TodaY - 11-02-2010

Hi yahall ^^
I just got the amnesia demo and am getting the full game as soon as i can - it rocks.
Only, I've been spoiled heavily by TES4: Oblivion, and now have the urge to retexture and remodel everything, as well as adding new content through mods. I'd like to know if something like this is/will be possible with the full version.
Thanks for reading Smile
... Lol, I just saw the modifications forum. I'm stupid xD
Sorry for the thread, it can be locked

RE: Modding? (TES4 spoiled me...) - hollowleviathan - 11-02-2010

I don't think you need to/should mod the original story, at least before you play through a few times, but there's a fully featured editor that comes with the game, and a forum dedicated to discussing how to use it here: