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Confused about patch - Achilleslastand - 11-02-2010

Hi everyone...
I just bought Penumbra overture{retail version} and am confused about what patch i need?

RE: Confused about patch - Spooder Wekd - 11-05-2010

You do not need a patch. Is the game not playing properly?

RE: Confused about patch - davva - 11-05-2010

uhm, one question. why did you only buy Overture, why not just the whole collection?

btw i bought the soundtrack, fing awesome! i'd recommend that you do the same if you like the game

RE: Confused about patch - Yuhaney - 11-05-2010

Download and install this patch.

RE: Confused about patch - Googolplex - 11-07-2010


Because the collection only has english language support?
I bought Overture and Black Plague as a single retail disc because then I have multilingual support. The once problem is, you did not have Requiem as a retail. But this you can burn on a disc.

RE: Confused about patch - Yuhaney - 11-07-2010

(11-07-2010, 02:09 PM)Googolplex Wrote: The once problem is, you did not have Requiem as a retail.

You can have it in the retail version of Penumbra Collection.