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4k surround revisited - mirkoj - 12-04-2016

A while ago I was trying to run game in 4k surround, and beside some stuttering and overall slowness there wasn't any other issues.
I figured to revisit and see if I can manage to pull it through this time, upgraded my SLI bridge and couple other tweaks so figured lets try.

But now problem is that image instead of showing properly in surround monitors setup it just stretches single monitor image horizontally instead of showing all that extra perfieral view.

Any ideas what changed, as it was showing triple screen properly a while ago, just not that good performance wise.
I figured to try out again Smile

RE: 4k surround revisited - cantremember - 12-07-2016

What resolution did you set? Should be super wide or else it will stretch

RE: 4k surround revisited - mirkoj - 12-07-2016

it shows proper 11720*2160 in settings