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Custom Entity in Custom Stories - warlord1f - 12-05-2016

nothing is more worse than having to change things in normal amnesia folder for your custom story. i have been making custom entities. Like barrels with fire. Now i put those files in my customstory map under entities/barrel01 and in here i have put all the information about barrels.
the problem is soon as i add a barrel and change his Entity.ENT file to the one with fire it shows correctly in level editor and ingame too. But soon as i restart the Level Editor it disapears and also doesn't show ingame.

how can i fix this?

RE: Custom Entity in Custom Stories - CarnivorousJelly - 12-05-2016

That is one weird glitch you have going on there!

Try renaming your asset (including textures, material files, particle effects, etc). I believe there's already a barrel with a very similar name to yours and it might be calling that entity instead! I'd also change the pathing to a personal entity/static object folder like what I've done for mine:
Spoiler below!

[Image: CLRhKHh.png]

RE: Custom Entity in Custom Stories - Romulator - 12-06-2016

Add custom_stories to your resources.cfg if it's not there.

<Directory Path="/custom_stories" AddSubDirs="true"/>

RE: Custom Entity in Custom Stories - Mudbill - 12-06-2016

Yeah unfortunately default Amnesia does not include the custom_stories directory as a resource area, so if you don't want the user to have to edit that one file (which a lot of people have gotten used to doing now), you're either gonna have to omit using custom assets, or create yourself a full conversion mod. With a mod you can control all the configuration yourself, but the installation might be a bit more intimidating for the user.