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Prey - Radiance - 12-06-2016

RE: Prey - SlackerinDeNile - 12-07-2016

It really does look like Bioshock in space, as others have said before.
That shape-shifting ability is one of the stupidest yet most brilliant things i've seen in a video game in a long time, looks like something you'd do in a Mario game.

The outer space stuff looks awesome, not sure how linear it will be.

I can already tell that lets players will have a blast with this game.

RE: Prey - J.R.S.S. - 12-10-2016

I will forever miss Prey 2.

(and Prey 1 was brilliant)

Though yes, this game does seem interesting.

RE: Prey - Radiance - 04-13-2017

They claim it's spiritual successor to System shock.

RE: Prey - Radiance - 05-12-2017

Arkane developer said SOMA was one of inspirations for Prey.

RE: Prey - 7heDubz - 05-13-2017

Have played. Is very good.

RE: Prey - Romulator - 05-13-2017

Right now, the speedrun for this game is around 8 minutes and 20 seconds.

RE: Prey - 7heDubz - 06-15-2017

RE: Prey - Parkry - 10-30-2017

Prey is an action-adventure game produced by Arkann Studios.The fineness of the game are not only reflected in the sounds, but also in the many details that can be seen throughout the game. Picking up the trash in space, it's really funny.

RE: Prey - pacman33 - 11-21-2017

Haven't played but the game looks interesting!