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Achievement Beta - Bug Thread - nebej - 12-13-2016

Please report any bugs you encounter while playing the A Machine for Pigs: Achievement Beta here.
State which OS you are playing on and upload the hpl.log file if the game crashes

RE: Achievement Beta - Bug Thread - lionamite - 12-26-2016

Thank you for the updates. I've just unlocked all the achievements.

[Image: ZYa5AYX.png]

RE: Achievement Beta - Bug Thread - Mudbill - 12-28-2016

I seem to have unlocked all but the final one, Insanity, which is supposed to be unlocked by unlocking all other achievements? Perhaps something went wrong.

Game was running fine. I had to do an extra playthrough to get all the notes for Master Archivist. The other achievements were gotten as parts of the game were reached, with no issues.

Spoiler below!
[Image: 918a37d7c61a486cb8cb217af90ecc1d.png]

Windows 7 Ultimate x64

RE: Achievement Beta - Bug Thread - Wolfyn - 04-12-2019

I’m on Xbox, so I’m not sure if this is the right place, but I just finished AMFP entirely and the only achievement unlocked is “The Teeth”. All the others are locked, even though I’ve completed them.

RE: Achievement Beta - Bug Thread - Mudbill - 04-15-2019

More appropriate would be to create a new thread since this has nothing to do with the beta that was in 2016. I'll let it slide, but I'll close this thread later.