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RE: Penumbra Level Editor??? - isidor3 - 02-13-2011

Blender is free legally.

Isn't there a free version of Max or Maya? I thought there was a game development version of Max that was free, but I could be thinking of an old version or something

RE: Penumbra Level Editor??? - Spooder Wekd - 02-13-2011

(02-13-2011, 02:19 AM)Bek Wrote:
(02-12-2011, 03:50 AM)Spooder Wekd Wrote: yea theres tons of free modelers, i used 3dmax or something when i was dabbling with modeling for a while. blender is generally regarded as the best of the best though. since theyre free, you can try 'em all! Tongue

3ds max is most certainly not free Tongue

Oh...well i suppose I got the pirate bay discount...

RE: Penumbra Level Editor??? - house - 02-14-2011

I got blender, so now I'm trying to follow this tutorial:
But what does it mean by HPL Helper? It doesn't say what and where HPL Helper is. Anyone help?

EDIT: Nvm, found HPL Helper. Continuing tutorial. Big Grin

RE: Penumbra Level Editor??? - Spooder Wekd - 02-14-2011

If you successfully release a will be making history! I very much look forward to seeing how this pans out!

RE: Penumbra Level Editor??? - isidor3 - 02-15-2011

Yeah, I've been trying to get the physics to work when exporting from blender let me know if you have any luck!

RE: Penumbra Level Editor??? - house - 02-15-2011

Thanks for the posts. I might work on it today because you inspired me to. What I'm having trouble with is adding new walls and ceilings and ground. Theres only a block right now in the level Sad

RE: Penumbra Level Editor??? - house - 02-15-2011

Hello everyone. Been working on the level. All I made so far is a EXTREMELY SUPER VERY SUPER COMPLETELY basic room. The walls, ceiling, and ground don't have any textures yet because I need to learn how to add them to walls. (I'm a complete newbie to 3d modelers, But I think by a little weeks/months, I'll get better.) The thing that is making me sooooo tired on is if you want to export the level into a .dae file, you have to get ANOTHER program called python. Thankfully, its free. And it requires NOT the latest version. But I didn't know, I got version 3 and the same error showed up. So now, i'm getting very bored, and I have to get an outdated version of python. Aggh, hopefully, this will turn out good.

RE: Penumbra Level Editor??? - isidor3 - 02-15-2011

You might want to try using the beta version of blender, it works a bit better, and you python is included with it (I think)

PM me if you have any more blender-related problems!

RE: Penumbra Level Editor??? - Spooder Wekd - 02-16-2011

I'm more of a programmer than an artist, so this could just be me only knowing about the code side of game development, but isn't python a programming language? How does it have to do with modeling?
/edit: By "more of a programmer than an artist" I mean I know 6 programming languages and can't even draw a recognizable dog! Tongue

RE: Penumbra Level Editor??? - isidor3 - 02-17-2011

Blender uses some of the python binaries and libraries in some of it's scripts, I'm pretty sure that blender 2.56 has a bundled python installation with it, so you don't have to install python separately.