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[Released] Ariadne's Ocean Episode One - Draugemalf - 02-28-2017

After going for a brain scan you awaken in a dark mockery of the hospital you were in. Not having any other option, you advance through the twisted reality you awoke in, hoping to find some answers about your current existence.

ModDB Link
Steam Workshop Link

Level loading might take some time. If your operating system thinks the game crashes during loading, it mostly likely isn't crashed. Just wait for it to load and for the game to generate the necessary map cache files.
Known bugs: one particular 3d mesh might not show up at the start of the 2nd map. The cause is currently unknown, since the mesh comes with the main game and is not a custom mesh.

RE: [Released] Ariadne's Ocean Episode One - GhylTarvoke - 02-28-2017

YES! I've been waiting for this.

RE: [Released] Ariadne's Ocean Episode One - GhylTarvoke - 11-27-2017

I'll eventually write a full (nine months late) review, but here's the short version: play this thing. It scratched my H. R. Giger itch in a way that SOMA didn't.

Spoiler below!
The grid puzzle is the second-best part; it's well-designed and surprisingly difficult. The spider enemy is the best part; its environment, sounds, and music are synergistic. I just wish it could display its wall-crawling abilities, like in Frictional's teaser.

Also, play Draugemalf's new mod, Agony of Rain, which I enjoyed even more. It scratched my "meat moss" itch in a way that SOMA didn't.

Spoiler below!
The lack of flashlight is annoying at first, but strengthens the atmosphere. The ambience in the gooey areas is unique and terrifying, especially at the end. The visuals are gorgeous and repulsive. How does the new enemy work? My first thought was, "Hey, it's Ross." My second thought was, "Oh no, it can see."

RE: [Released] Ariadne's Ocean Episode One - GhylTarvoke - 11-28-2017

Pardon me while I gush some more about Agony of Rain. Major spoilers incoming.

Spoiler below!
This is the scariest thing I've played in a long time. One particularly cruel trick: having the trapped victims scream at you, thereby summoning every proxy in the vicinity.

The audio effect used on the lead female voice is very unsettling.

What the heck is up with the new enemy? Sometimes it moves quickly, but sometimes it moves like it's underwater. Its music is well chosen - anglerfish, right?

One spelling mistake: at the very end, the screen reads "Tranmission Success" (I think).

RE: [Released] Ariadne's Ocean Episode One - Draugemalf - 12-29-2017

Glad you enjoyed it and thanks for the feedback. I haven't really been updating the posts on the Forums that much but I posted 2 new mods since Ariadn'e Ocean. Agony of Rain, that you mentioned and ESS-Apollo.