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Amnesia Stories - Spooder Wekd - 11-10-2010

This thread inspired by a post by Mr.X. He told some cool stories n another thread so I wanted to know if anyone else had a cool story (or 10) of what they have done in Amnesia. Not just HOLY DONKEY FETUS WHAT JUST HAPPENED moments, just general cool crap. Like this one time, on my second play through I knew there was nothing at the beginning so I just ran through. Now this was after playing 3 and a half hours beating it for the first time, by now it was near 2AM. So I got to one of the huge doors that are pervasive very early in the game. The ones that distort your view for a sec and make a gust of wind (horrible description!) Yea, I was running along, and tried to open one of those. Pants were shat and I started taking my time you know you have an awesome story to tell!

RE: Amnesia Stories - Nospheratu - 11-10-2010

Hehe, something similar happened on my 2. playthrough as well in the prisons (brrr). I was comforting myself that now I at least know where and when monsters will spawn, but when actually coming to the place & time i thought they would spawn, they didn't! Instead, they spawned in another corridor (if there were 2 or more) and a bit sooner or later... And so, bricks were shat all over again Confused

RE: Amnesia Stories - Spooder Wekd - 11-10-2010

haha i think making assumptions in amnesia is proving to be a terrible idea!