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Penumbra Ending - BobtheInsane - 11-29-2010

So, it took me all weekend, but just saw the end of black plague. Great duo of games folks, thank you. My only question is: Is there anymore? I mean, I'll play requiem, but I'm told it's non-canon, and I'm not dissatisfied with the ending. I just wondered if there will be any more games set in that world. Because you folks did a great job of setting up a bunch of arcs that give the impression of this rich world and then are just left hanging as the main arc completes. A Penumbra 3 would be nice, but I've been told that's off the table. But now Amnesia is done, I'm just curious if the Penumbra Mythos is off the table permanently, or if you consider the potential for spin offs viable.

Not that this makes any sense after a weekend of Penumbra. I blame you for vaguely schizophrenic rambling.

I need sleep, it's 3 am.

Thanks again.

RE: Penumbra Ending - tonewww - 11-29-2010

probably not going to be a sequel but there could be a chance that frictional may reveal beta stuff but im not sure

RE: Penumbra Ending - Yuhaney - 12-02-2010

As a short answer: No.
That is all there is to it Penumbra.

Unless... you haven't played the Tech Demo of Penumbra.
It's free and different from the other games (except the story).

RE: Penumbra Ending - Skeleton - 12-10-2010

I have a question.

How much money would it take for you to be motivated enough to make another game in the Penumbra world.

Would $250,000 do it?

RE: Penumbra Ending - PrinceCola - 12-11-2010

I woud love to see more Penumbra

RE: Penumbra Ending - Bek - 12-12-2010

(12-10-2010, 07:28 PM)Skeleton Wrote: I have a question.

How much money would it take for you to be motivated enough to make another game in the Penumbra world.

Would $250,000 do it?

I'd donate to that. Unless you're a magician and can pull that from your.. hat

RE: Penumbra Ending - Gharren - 12-27-2010

(12-10-2010, 07:28 PM)Skeleton Wrote: Would $250,000 do it?

Are you serious? xD
I mean...
For what reason 'Penumbra' should be continued? Okay, there are some open questions and story holes, but that is what leads into thinking about the game. I like games with an open ending. So I can imagine myself what happens next. Smile

RE: Penumbra Ending - Bek - 12-28-2010

This is true, maybe something not directly continuing the storyline?

RE: Penumbra Ending - Googolplex - 12-28-2010

You have to play Requiem as the 3rd Penumbra.
I knew, many peoples say, that it is not a really Penumbra anymore.
But Requiem is very good I say. And It is very hard you must have very much brain mass.

RE: Penumbra Ending - Penumbra - 01-01-2011

I like Penumbra as much as the next guy, but I wouldn't want another game. I would of preferred for the series to be a trilogy as it was originally planned. But that's out of the question now.

Still, I do hope there is another game with a similar setting. Wish a climatic story line and (pray to God) a good ending.