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RE: Amnesia killed the horror genre - mahmoodadeel - 12-03-2010

yeah really this game is really awesome .... all the other horror games area no where near that... anyone know whats coming up next (new title)

RE: Amnesia killed the horror genre - thiz - 12-03-2010

(12-01-2010, 07:55 PM)HamStar Wrote: wat
Amnesia is a story game in the first place, horror-story game, but story comes first
And it sets bar for storytelling and immersion very high
But horror? It's just there "as much as needed" for the game to be great.
Penumbra had horror on the "sh*t bricks" level. It tried to scare you and kill you and scare you while you're dying. No that was something to live through.
But Amnesia is simply beautiful. As much as horror can be beautiful

Funny enough i had to search for the story in Amnesia very hard. I find the story telling to be very bad to be honest.

RE: Amnesia killed the horror genre - Sexbad - 12-03-2010

How is the story hard to find at all? There are notes and flashbacks everywhere! I consider it quite good, not Cryostasis good, but pretty good.

RE: Amnesia killed the horror genre - Everlone - 12-10-2010

I think the realism parts like scary effects like the player lie down or the teeth chattering create a amtosphere that the player think he is in the game.

If the next gen horror games are more like amnesia or penumbra, there could be great.
imagine you, you have a 3D glasses and the realism part creating some more scary effects.
You shit in your pants ^^ me wonder something so far not come out yet.
I see the technical possibilities like 3D glasses or wii mote, kinect and co.

A nice idea was a suit who make some temperature effects, that you know in which parts of games are cold or warm. It will be support the realism grade ^^

My last scary game before Amnesia was Silent Hill shattered memories on PSP.
I love the running moments and the possibility to hide under bed or in cabinet.
It kill some atmosphere when you can play rambo in horror games and kill all monsters.
In the reality 80% will be run away and havent a pistol or a shotgun.Maybe in canada ^^

RE: Amnesia killed the horror genre - Kein - 12-10-2010

SH1 is still scarier.

RE: Amnesia killed the horror genre - Alex7754 - 12-11-2010

Yeah amnesia is incredibly scary, one of my favorite games but still silent hills earlier games beat it on my list. especially silent hill 2, The atmosphere isn't as free as amnesia but for me it was alot more..weird. tho I was never scared in the way I was when running and hiding from monsters in amnesia, I still felt overwhelmed and uneasy at the deep horror sounds and strange imagery in silent hill. It was like I was slowly uncovering a strange horror that really is real and the game was giving me a small glimpse at it.

I don't agree that penumbra is scarier then amnesia tho, the first penumbra I was more immersed and adventurous then afraid and or terrorized. The dogs where more of a challenge to get past then they were scary, Ive gotta say tho, I hated black plague. like really, Idk what happened but the penumbra story got out of control and lost all appeal to me.

I just wanna add, I cant understand why frictional insists on making some of there character talk like.. Idk how to describe it, Did the way the guy inside your head in blackplague and Agrippa in amnesia and a bit of red in penumbra annoy anyone? every time I heard them talk I felt the immersion slip away. I feel frictional games in onto something, I see it in both penumbra and amnesia and there early game fiend too, but they still have stuff they need to work out and bring into its own before I could say their totally there and have a real masterpiece. still amnesia and the first penumbra are near the top of my short list of best games and Im glad frictional games exists in the world which are still creating games worth playing, it helps me sleep at night. : ) wow I type to much.
I wait eagerly for there next games.

RE: Amnesia killed the horror genre - Tintin - 01-23-2011

I was thinking of buying Amnesia but I don't know now. I haven't read the posts here because I don't wish to be spoiled but I don't know if I can take the intensity. The game trailer just about gave me a heart-attack! Maybe I'm a softie when it comes to these sorts of games. I enjoy some horror but I'm definitely not a horror fanatic. I enjoy the psychological kind, rather than the splatter-fests that often pass for horror. I found the Penumbra games plenty scary enough. The only other games that would rival the scare factor in those are some ultra-creepy levels in the Thief games (great series if you haven't played them) and of course System Shock 2 was also pretty scary. I'll give the Amnesia demo a go and if it doesn't kill me, I'll get the game.

RE: Amnesia killed the horror genre - Tanshaydar - 01-23-2011

If demo can't kill you, full game will definitely do.

RE: Amnesia killed the horror genre - Shev - 01-23-2011

(12-01-2010, 02:28 PM)Raoul Wrote: Yeah, your right... i cant remember a game, that really scared me since Silent Hill 4... and that was 2004....

Im so out of practise... i cant stand the real Horror of Amnesia.

I heard that 4 wasn't even that scary.

RE: Amnesia killed the horror genre - Tanshaydar - 01-23-2011

(01-23-2011, 04:57 PM)Shev Wrote: I heard that 4 wasn't even that scary.

I bet you heard 4 was not a Silent Hill game at all?
Really, some games couldn't be judged by hearing.