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Not a bug report - SgtSkittles - 11-11-2018

Dear Frictional Team,

just wanted to thank you for all these outstanding horros games of yours.

I've played many horror games but your titles were and still are the best and where I screamed the most Big Grin

Alle the outstanding atmosphere like when you open and close doors or noises by monsters...

Just finished SOMA and I can just say I was scared like hell and fascinated of the story till the end Smile

Please keep up the way and the style and the atmosphere that makes your games just awesome and unique !!!

Can't wait till the next game comes out !!!

Over and out a big fan of you Wink

RE: Not a bug report - TiManGames - 11-12-2018

Why posting it here though

RE: Not a bug report - Mudbill - 11-12-2018

My guess would be because the technical support forums do not require an account.