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quick question - justwilliams - 05-05-2019

Turns out I bought the Penumbras a few years back for ten bucks, great deal..reinstalled and played them and man..I can't believe I didn't finish them before, truly excellent games.

Looking at getting Amnesia, but truthfully i'm broke, so i'm wondering, are there are substantial number of decent mods? I mean if I get it, do I have a number of hours of playing decent mods to look forward to, or is it just a couple?

I'm sure i'll enjoy the game of course, but are the mods substantial perk?

Thanks in advance,


RE: quick question - TiManGames - 05-05-2019

On the site ModDB you can find hundreds of mods, dozens of them are high quality, which can sum up to over 20 additional hours of gameplay, probably even more.

Here are just some of said mods:
  • Amadeus
  • Simulacrum
  • The Great Work
  • Key to FreedomĀ 
  • Penumbra: Necrologue
  • The Four Horseman
  • In Lucy's eyes
And way more