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New MacOS Catalina Support - ZIwxBHld - 07-12-2019

I'm replaying The Dark Descent as we speak. and A Machine For Pigs is waiting for me to open the right door. I've already updated my laptop to the new OS, however, and Catalina doesn't like any of the Frictional Games before Soma.

It's a remote hope, I guess, but will Frictional be updating any of the pre-Soma games to support newer Macs?

RE: New MacOS Catalina Support - Mudbill - 07-13-2019

Huh, I didn't know there was a macOS Catalina. And I use Mac pretty much every day.

I assume they'll update eventually if the game is literally unplayable, else they'll have to stop sales for Mac which is not desirable. But I suspect it will take a bit of time. Especially in this summer vacation time.

All I can suggest is to wait with major updates until they have been out for a bit, so that people have had time to iron out all the bugs and you won't be bothered by them.

Edit: I see that Catalina is only currently out as a pre-release. Things not working in beta software is to be expected. For all we know, the issue could be the OS, not the games. I don't think FG will do anything about support for this OS until it has been fully released.
On that note I suggest not updating your primary workstation to a beta OS. They're not meant for production use, only testing.

RE: New MacOS Catalina Support - ZIwxBHld - 07-13-2019

The reason they're not working is quite simple: Catalina drops support for 32-bit applications. That's not going to change. I'm wondering if Frictional are planning to release 64-bit versions, which is the only way they're ever going to run on MacOS 10.15.

RE: New MacOS Catalina Support - Mudbill - 07-14-2019

In that case then yeah, I'm sure they'll update them to 64-bit eventually.

RE: New MacOS Catalina Support - Romulator - 07-14-2019

Mud has forwarded this off to Frictional, but I have just in case marked this as a priority thread for them to keep in mind. Thanks for letting us know, and if there are updates, one of Frictional Staff or one of the moderators will get back to you!

RE: New MacOS Catalina Support - Guest - 07-18-2020

Is there an update on this?

RE: New MacOS Catalina Support - Guest - 07-18-2020

I imagine they're busy with the next game at the moment, but I still have hopes they'll get round to rebuilding the older ones. Sadly, it's a lot of work for a small user base.

I do know that Soma works in Catalina, even though Steam says it doesn't. Someone needs to pop onto Steam and set a flag somewhere that says its Catalina-compatible.

RE: New MacOS Catalina Support - kirakatve - 07-27-2020

There have actually been issues with some external engine things, meaning the game can't currently be compiled. So currently we unfortunately can't work on the port. Sorry!

RE: New MacOS Catalina Support - Guest - 08-19-2020

I just want to say, if you guys could find a bit of time to recompile, that would be great. I bought new Mac and contrast is out of the world. I would love to replay all your games.

Thanks in advance!