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Addon Mod Issue - Raleon - 10-05-2019

So I've been working on my addon that involvesĀ changing vanilla map files but my script changes in the .hps filesĀ don't apply but level editor changes do. Is there any way I can get past that? Any help is appreciated!

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RE: Addon Mod Issue - TiManGames - 10-07-2019

Try to set it as a standalone mod.

RE: Addon Mod Issue - Guest - 10-08-2019

How to set it up to be a standalone mod that acts like an addon, though? I'm still pretty new to HPL modding.

RE: Addon Mod Issue - Raleon - 10-08-2019

I apologize for not using my account to reply since I forgot to log in lol. Shouldn't matter though.