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glitch effect soma - orlovblog - 03-21-2020

Hey. I bought your game a long time ago, watched a lot of blogs about the game lore. Many artworks, files, and simply game locations in the game itself have a glitch effect. Now I want to learn how to do this.

This is amazing!

Please tell me, did you do it in AE or in some other program?



RE: glitch effect soma - Romulator - 03-23-2020

While I don't know exactly how it is done, the red and cyan effect is called Chromatic Aberration. I think when I did it a long time ago for a still image in Photoshop, I used the Marquee Tool or just split the image every once in a while to the left and right sides. 
Spoiler below!
[Image: f1a93ea916910a015e68452b4046939eff5ed818_full.jpg]

Here is a video which can give you some stock displacement maps to use with some chromatic abberation pre-applied, though I believe you can make your own with some tweaking. Forwarning, said video contains flashing images, so be careful of seizures.

RE: glitch effect soma - orlovblog - 03-24-2020