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Cellar Archives - KnifeinTheDark - 08-04-2020

So far Amnesia has been a horror masterpiece, but I have gotten stuck in the Cellar Archives and I have some very scathing criticism for this. Operating a crank should not be the challenege, sorry, but it just shouldn't.

That being said it cannot be changed, but I still need to advance. I'm getting very upset and frustrated because I end up using ALL the body parts, trying my best, whether slow and careful orĀ fast and furious to turn the crank (on xbox so I am sure the stick is not an asset here), but it seems like no matter what it will not budge.

This is the third day I have found the patience to reload and try again but I am done, if there is not some super secret method to opening the second gate then I honestly think I should just quit and watch a youtube playthrough instead.

Thanks for letting me rant, I hope someone can help.