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[WIP] MindTrap [Demo Released] - ModManDann - 12-24-2010

The story so far:
You have been unable to sleep peacefully the last few nights, you hear incoherent and peculiar noises when you are at the point of slumber ... Your nightmares are becoming more unsettling, extreme and terrifying as the night progresses.

Today you awaken , startled , by the same familiar nightmare. You slowly pull yourself off the bed and absent-mindendly stare at the comforting walls of your room, only to realize that something is.. Standing out different..

- Full useage of the game engine's possibilities.
- A cinematic experience that'll haunt you throughout the mod.
- Sophisticated and challenging puzzles.
- Custom voice acting

Media / Downloads:
Demo: Over here

Spoiler below!

[Image: Screen_Screenshot_017.jpg]

[Image: Screen_Screenshot_020.jpg]

Demo Part 1
Demo Part 2

-Total progress:
-Storyline: 40%
-Total mod progress: 15%

Map 01
-Voice acting: 100%
-Level design: 100%
-Scripting: 100%

Map 02
-Voice acting: 0%
-Level design: 75%
-Scripting: 50%
-Models: 50%

Development team:
ModManDann - Mod Producer,ideas, story, Level design
Mofo - Modeling, Particles
Fortigurn - Testing, voice acting, ideas
Themodtester - Testing, ideas

Want to join the team or think you can contribute to the mod? Please do not hesitate to send a PM!


RE: [WIP] MindTrap - JokeDindon - 12-25-2010

Looks quite interesting i'm keeping an eye on your work!

RE: [WIP] MindTrap - Themodtester - 12-26-2010

I had the privilege of Alpha testing this Modification out and so far, I am very impressed with what Dann has achieved- and he just started.

RE: [WIP] MindTrap - ModManDann - 12-27-2010

small tech Demo has been uploaded!

Enjoy Smile

RE: [WIP] MindTrap - nofsky - 12-27-2010

After I use they key on the door the screen just goes black??

RE: [WIP] MindTrap - ModManDann - 12-27-2010

That's odd, did you download the new version?

The bug has been fixed in the latest version.

RE: [WIP] MindTrap - Fortigurn - 12-27-2010

Download limit has been reached.

RE: [WIP] MindTrap - bigfoot - 12-27-2010

Hey uuhm I'm stuck at a certain area. Sad


When your walking on the wall, what do you do there?, I can't find out what to do lol. I've been trying for like 45 minutes right now.

RE: [WIP] MindTrap - ModManDann - 12-27-2010

Oh, I'm terribly sorry but that's the end of the demo! Working as fast as I can to finish the first map.

RE: [WIP] MindTrap - bigfoot - 12-27-2010

Oh lol, well it was really cool though I wouldn't have thought of that, also the blurry vision is sweet.

If this is your first map then Congratz dude.

(PS. Could you take a look at my map? hehe

I would like to know what people think of it :O
(Also my first map, I'm not sure if it's allowed to "advertise" other threads though.)