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Compatibility issues? - Xanthara - 01-20-2011

Hi. :]

I've been playing Amnesia on my cousin's iMac because my computer can't handle it. I just bought a Samsung laptop (Model QX410-J01) and I keep getting 2 errors messages, seemingly at random - Renderer #0 could not be initialized & the "Something is Wrooooong!" crash.

I have already checked the Troubleshooting Guide thread and nothing has worked. (I use Steam; have not tried reinstalling the game.)

I'm not very tech savvy, but is Amnesia simply not compatible with this laptop? Are there any alternatives, or programs I can download to water down the graphics so it can work with my laptop? :/ I love this game and I wanna play through it a 2nd time without having to resort to my cousin's house... -_-;

If there's nothing to be done, will there be a patch released to make the game more flexible, optimize it for lower-end computers? I'd appreciate any help.

Thank you. :]

RE: Compatibility issues? - jens - 01-20-2011

I think it has an NVIDIA card, so go to and download the latest driver. Then uninstall you current graphics driver and install the new one.

RE: Compatibility issues? - Xanthara - 01-22-2011

Thanks, but I've already tried that. :/ It doesn't seem to work. I was told by the shop employee that it's because Intel is running the NVIDIA graphics card in the machine, or something, and that it's not allowing it to update. I'm going to try again, for the third time... @_@'

RE: Compatibility issues? - RawkBandMan - 01-23-2011

Try intalling Omega Drivers. Search on Google for it and you should find it

RE: Compatibility issues? - Xanthe_ - 01-23-2011

(01-23-2011, 08:52 PM)XxRoCkBaNdMaNxX Wrote: Try intalling Omega Drivers. Search on Google for it and you should find it
Omega drivers is very old ones.

Forceware: 16x... something and CCC 7.XX Maybe older card owners still like them but i never liked them when i were using X1650 and 9600XT (for my retro pc)...

For ATi:

For Nvidia:

Theres too modified ones so can try them aswell. Sometimes 1 number older ones is better than new one.