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Funny Video - TheFixXxer NL - 01-20-2011

I really like this video because i reacted and did exactly the same way like this guy.

RE: Funny Video - Chrysler - 01-20-2011

Awesome effect.
Spoiler below!
Would have loved to get that too, but I can't remember any corpses hanging from the ceiling when I was in the prison. Maybe my sanity was too high or I simply didn't pay enough attention.

RE: Funny Video - mattwestwick - 01-20-2011

Reminds me of this.

RE: Funny Video - Chrysler - 01-20-2011

Frictional Games just commented on that video:

"Sometimes, things just work out perfectly. *evil laughter*"

RE: Funny Video - nofsky - 01-21-2011

Looking in the Level Editor and script files it seems those hanging guys are just set to appear whenever the player's sanity is below 50%. Not sure how they first aren't there then appear, then disappear again... but it's an awesome effect!