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Lost Serial key - VirtueCry - 01-23-2011

I've used the search thing, and checked the stickies and couldn't find the answer to my question.

I downloaded Amnesia: The Dark Decent back when it was on sell for Halloween, but never got around to playing it. And now that I've installed it, it needs a serial key.

I've checked my e-mail addresses (all of them) and couldn't find it (probably ended up in the junk folder, which automatically empties once a day.) Is it hidden somewhere in the download? Where can I find my serial key?
I'm considering getting a keygen or using a key I can find on the internet. Since I already paid for it, would it go against the EULA or user agreement to do so?

RE: Lost Serial key - Tanshaydar - 01-23-2011

Try to pm devs. Thomas or jens

RE: Lost Serial key - davva - 01-23-2011

if you installed the game but never bothered with it you can (also works if you reformated your comp)

boot up in the "old version" and find a thing called "Installkey"

located in User>COMPUTERNAME>documents>Amnesia>Main


edit; The "Installkey" can just be opened with wordpad or/and a textdocument (.txt)

RE: Lost Serial key - jens - 01-23-2011

The serial key is found on the same page you downloaded the game from.