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Talking with Valve? - DukeIt - 03-19-2007

Sorry to bug you guys again but are you still trying to get the game to steam for the release? I just want to know soon so i can save a bit of cash. If you aren't going through steam then i'll pre-order the box (hence cheaper).

RE: Talking with Valve? - Thomas - 03-20-2007

I am afraid I do not know at this point. It will not be avialable through steam on release day thoug, but maybe later.

RE: Talking with Valve? - DukeIt - 03-20-2007

Thanks for the fast reply. I've gone ahead and ordered the box from

10 days to go! Really can't wait!

RE: Talking with Valve? - jaecob - 03-21-2007

I sent an email to Stratergy First asking about this very subject since they already have a number of games on the Steam distribution platform. Here's what they said:

Thanks for your email. Penumbra has been submitted to Steam and is currently being reviewed. Unfortunately we are not expecting a definite answer until April.

As you may know, Strategy First is offering the digital download as a pre-order with Star Fury as a bonus but you may want to wait until Steam decides on Penumbra.

Hope this information is helpful!

RE: Talking with Valve? - ShadowXOR - 03-22-2007

I don't see how/why Valve would deny Penumbra. It's probably just a matter of time. I would prefer to purchase it via Steam and will probably wait. My fiancee is getting a new PC so I will probably play it on hers so I can wait.

RE: Talking with Valve? - Thomas - 03-22-2007

Mail steam and ask them when Penumbra will be available Smile Perhaps that will make em act faster.

RE: Talking with Valve? - Dark - 03-22-2007

oh i will do it :p
otherwise they will feel my godly (spam)thorn XD

RE: Talking with Valve? - OO Agent - 03-28-2007

if you download Penumbra from one of the current download sites, does it come with a CD key or something? like so later when it comes available on Steam you can register your key and d/l it from them.

RE: Talking with Valve? - DukeIt - 03-29-2007

I doubt it. I'm pretty sure that they like to stay independent of each other for the most part. You would be better waiting to see if steam get off their asses and realese it. Either that or buy the box.

RE: Talking with Valve? - cuber3 - 04-05-2007

I really hope the trilogy makes it to Steam.
It'll give you much more exposure because of the large community using Steam.
It'll also give people the chance to buy the game using more methods of payment (PayPal, credit card, etc.)
Darwinia and Defcon made it to Steam, so why shouldn't this great game? Smile
Oh c'mon Valve, hurry up Sad