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RE: Talking with Valve? - swebarb - 04-05-2007

No pls for the love of god dont release this wonderful game to the steam crap.

RE: Talking with Valve? - Damien_Azreal - 04-06-2007

I still don't understand why people have such huge issues against Steam. Just because the game may release through Steam later one doesn't affect your copy if you buy retail or through the current online distribution center.

Hell, you are only forced to use Steam on Valve games and SiN: Episodes. All other games released on Steam give you a choice. Dark Messiah only requires Steam if you use MP... otherwise it isn't needed.

RE: Talking with Valve? - ShadowXOR - 04-08-2007

Where is the Steam version? Sad

RE: Talking with Valve? - Dark - 04-08-2007

they still dont have an agreement with steam so its not on steam yet Smile

RE: Talking with Valve? - ShadowXOR - 04-09-2007

They need an agreement!

RE: Talking with Valve? - stAtic15 - 04-09-2007

I know Steam is badass!

RE: Talking with Valve? - mike - 04-09-2007

If it does come on Steam, I'll buy it again (over steam)

I love Steam.

RE: Talking with Valve? - cEkIc - 04-09-2007

Is that a cracked steam client?

RE: Talking with Valve? - Dark - 04-10-2007

looks like one from teh cyber cafe program
had one to until they closed it :'(
no i have just old regular steam
or did you bought all of those games mike?

RE: Talking with Valve? - mike - 04-10-2007

I bought them. Some of the games on there aren't on the Café program, some of the games that are on the café program aren't there.

I also picked up Arx Fatalis since that screenshot.