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so march 30th - jonathon7989 - 03-23-2007

Is March 30th 100%? I've been counting the days. Hopefully, it will be ready to download, although, I would rather have a box copy, downloading is so much faster and lazier Wink

RE: so march 30th - gamgam2 - 03-23-2007

Should be, and commercial online downloads are pretty stable and safe I believe.

RE: so march 30th - jens - 03-23-2007


RE: so march 30th - Thomas - 03-23-2007

If you preorder it chances are you will get it one or two days earlier Wink

RE: so march 30th - Sepai - 03-23-2007

WOOT *manually shuts mouth with my left hand*

RE: so march 30th - DukeIt - 03-23-2007

Awesome! I hope play doesn't let me down!

RE: so march 30th - burbble - 03-27-2007

It seems that the North American release has been pushed back to May 1, 2007 (the site was changed a few hours ago) ... Sad I ordered from the UK instead Smile