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Incredible. - Sacre - 03-27-2007

I've registered, and made this thread just to say.. Incredible.

The physics and the amount of interactivity is insane, I love this.

I am most definantly buying this, just 1 question though. How long is this episode? 2,3,4 hours of gameplay?

Again, incredible Smile

RE: Incredible. - Sacre - 03-27-2007

Oh wait nvm, searched your website and it states there is over 8 hours of gameplay


Looking forward to this Smile

RE: Incredible. - Sepai - 03-27-2007

Hello and welcome

the episode game play hours will depend on how fast you work it all out of course
but that is the estimated average

RE: Incredible. - HiViH - 03-27-2007

about 8 hours, but you know.. the riddles take far more time to solve ם: