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few questions - Somalion - 03-27-2007

I'd like to now if you implimented the hunter from the tech-demo (even though we didn't see it)
And also is there going to be some humans that could tell a bit more what happened at the facility or are you supposed to find the whole thing out by yourself by making notes and trying to compile them all together?
In Scraper's video about getting past the wolf you can hear [spoilers]a man from the radio saying "good day? good day? can you hear me?[/spoilers]so I thought there might be some people left.

RE: few questions - HiViH - 03-27-2007

It was just an easter egg ם:
If it would have been a trapped person he wouldn't sound like that and he sure as hell wont say "good day Big Grin"

Oh and they prefer to be district.. meaning.. we don't know about any of the monsters to come or the plot more then we know now, will be much more of a surprise and enjoyable i think..

RE: few questions - Sepai - 03-27-2007

half of the fun is the unknown Wink

RE: few questions - Somalion - 03-27-2007

Oh okay thanks for the quick answer =)