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Question! - Miss Joe - 02-20-2011

Okay I just downloaded the demo on Penumbra for my Mac. I was wondering if there was a way I could put it in window mode rather than in full screen, or would I have to buy the game before I am able to do that? Thanks!

RE: Question! - Xanatos - 02-20-2011

Have you tried Alt+Enter?

RE: Question! - Miss Joe - 02-20-2011

Yes I have and I'm sorry. Totally just realized I posted this in Amnesia. I was going to get it, but sadly I need a desktop to play it.

RE: Question! - nofsky - 02-20-2011

You have to edit the config file manually to put in windows mode. Search the Penumbra forums and you should find the exact way of doing it.

RE: Question! - Doctorcheese - 02-22-2011

Go to the settings.cfg file in documents.

Find: FullScreen="false" in the text document.

Change it to: FullScreen="true"

If it already is FullScreen="true" then i dont know what the problem might be.