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[spoiler]Amnesia Forum Game - Som1Lse - 03-08-2011

WARNING: If you haven't finished the game stop reading now. Includes massive spoilers.

I had this idea.
Most of us, if not all, have finished Amnesia.
So, let's try to play through it together on the forum.

Write what you want Daniel to do and try to progress.
If you make a mistake, we die, and have to start over (Rainy Halls) go back to just before we died (no actual reason for punishing us for making mistakes). Just to make it a bit more challenging.

  1. Your are not allowed to refer to the Amnesia files while playing.
    Your memory is your only option.
  2. Please take this serious.
    Don't write something like "Runs forward towards the Grunt and use my iPhone's lightsaber app to kill it.".
    The one and only exception is if someone before you made a mistake like entering a room that is locked.
    In that case you can be as creative as you want. (Example: Runs into the Machine room, but the door is locked.
    I smash into the door and suffer massive internal bleedings and die.)
  3. Only one action per post.
    If you accidentally post more than one action the later ones will be ignored.
    An action can also include the obvious next thing that will happen.
  4. Please keep your posts short. (added post #120)
    A few lines is good, don't over describe everything.
    If your post is longer than 5 lines it is probably too much. If it's less it is perfectly fine.
    DON'T post walls of text no matter what. No one wants to read that. (this isn't a novel)
I start:
I walk through the Rainy Halls and faints.
I wake up later with no memory of what has happened.

RE: [spoiler]Amnesia Forum Game - gandalf91 - 03-08-2011

I gather my wits about me and begin to follow the liquid trail down the corridor looming before me.

RE: [spoiler]Amnesia Forum Game - Xanatos - 03-08-2011

I cautiously check my corners and search cupboards for anything useful, always wary of the suits of armour looming in the hallways.

RE: [spoiler]Amnesia Forum Game - gandalf91 - 03-08-2011

Just as I cross the foyer, I grow weary and faint, but only for a moment or two before I pick myself back up and carry onward.

RE: [spoiler]Amnesia Forum Game - Oscar House - 03-08-2011

I see a large double door in front of me. I muster all my strength and attempt to open them, but to no avail.

RE: [spoiler]Amnesia Forum Game - Som1Lse - 03-08-2011

I continue to follow the liquid trail into another room left of the double door.
A door slams open by a gush of wind.
Should I enter?

RE: [spoiler]Amnesia Forum Game - Frontcannon - 03-08-2011

I enter the room and find a nice warm fireplace, a comfy chair and some booze. I think I will stay here for a while.

RE: [spoiler]Amnesia Forum Game - LuckyBlackCatXIII - 03-08-2011

After remembering how to pick up and rotate objects I decide against smashing the wine glass off the nearby table against a wall and take the tinder box beside it instead then leave the room

RE: [spoiler]Amnesia Forum Game - gandalf91 - 03-08-2011

I continue up a stone stairway into another corridor, this one rather narrow. I gaze suspiciously at the suit of armor for a few moments, then shake it off and continue forward. Suddenly the walls seem to close in, then expand back out, as if they are breathing!

RE: [spoiler]Amnesia Forum Game - Xanatos - 03-09-2011

I take my time to examine the artwork on the walls when all of a sudden another door blows open in the wind. I didn't see any windows in here, so perhaps that was not the wind after all...